Saturday, December 1, 2012

Flan (Spanish vanilla egg custard)

Flan - Spanish egg custard
One of my mother's favorite dessert is 'flan', know as 'crème caramel renversée', is really the Spanish version of vanilla egg custard.

Flan is served inversed (as is cooked), and has a nice syrup-y caramel sauce :) This dessert is extremely easy to make & can stay refrigerated for a few days!

Flan - Spanish egg custard:
- 1 can Condensed Milk
- 2 cans Whole Milk
- 3 Eggs (whole)
- Sugar (to coat mold base)

Pre-heat the oven (top & bottom) at 180 C.

Put sugar inside the chosen mold (so that it is enough to cover the bottom thinly); hold over a stove at medium heat so all the sugar caramelizes (turns light brown & liquid). Make sure it covers the entirety of the mold's base. Place on the side and let cool.

Add all ingredients in a bowl, mix at medium speed (using an electric mixer).
Pour mix in the mold (should be cool by now, and the caramel completely hardened).

Introduce into the oven until flan is set (knife comes clean). Once done, let cool down.

When cool, flip onto a tray and serve :)

**You can also cook this recipe on a flan bowl (lid closed) bain marie.. I personally prefer to just throw it in the oven, no headaches ;)**

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