Saturday, October 25, 2014


My mum is a cake lover.. Any flour cake, or thick flan/custard is high on her list! (Im more of a mousse, ice cream, light custard person :) ).. So when she came to me boasting about her Madeleines (last Xmass) i sort of refused to try them..
Magdalenas - Spanish madeleines

Im not one for dry cakes..

I gotta gove it to her for being so persistent, to d extent that she insisted to get me a jacket i was eyeing if i tried her cupcakes.. So i did.. (And the batch of 8 cupcakes misteriously vanished in a matter of hours!!). Obviously she was super-thrilled that i had actually liked them! And did a second batch.. (Which i had to restrain myself from...)

The ultimate trial is that this is the almost only recipe that d man of d house will eat!   And he is a picky eatter (he'd rather have salty food),, so it's REALLY that good.

I cut in half d butter content, because its just really very fatty.. And it doesnt compromise the taste :) 
They are soft, moist, buttery, and airy; having that crunch element from d baked sugar top! Deliciousness! 

- 70 gr Butter (room temperature)
- 200 gr Sugar
- 3 Eggs
- 16 gr Baking powder
- 200 mL Whipping cream
- 125 gr Flour

Preheat oven at 180C (top & bottom).

Beat together butter and sugar. Add the eggs, then the dey ingredients and beat together until well combined.

Place in cupcake molds (fill 3/4), then sprinkle sugar over the top (im just dust-cover the surface, so it crunches up).

Bake for about 16 min or until toothpick comes out clean :)


**If you use just paper cupcake liners fill a bit less, as this tends to expand n spill..**

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