Thursday, November 6, 2014

Chocolate rice krispy treats

Chocolate rice krispy treats (packaged)
So this is d same as d "dragon glitter poo" recipe, but with regular Chocolate rice krispies :) and adjusted quantities to make it easier.
Took pictures along d way for you! (u can imagine d mess between stirring & photographing...

50 gr Butter
30 gr Marshmallows
310 gr Choco krispies (full pack)

Grease spray a square pan (browney tin), set aside.

Melt butter at low-medium heat. Once fully melted, add d marshmallows, and stirr while melting them fully.

Melt butter, add marshmallows; melt completly (low heat)

Remove from hear and mix-in d choco-krispies until well combined.

Place into tin, and use a greased spatula to press the krispie mix into d tin. (If d spatula is not greased it will stick and u will struggle to press it down).

Add rice krispies, mix well; transfer to GREASED pan, press with GREASED spoon.
Let cool, then demold and cut into serving pieces.

Demolded chocolate rice krispies

Chocolate rice krispy treats

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